Our Final Destination Booklet Overview | Danette Lane

Here’s an overview of one of the booklets from On The Path Ministries found on The Light of Deception website, which you can found under booklets and testimonials.


Remembering the Nuremberg Code | Danette Lane

Today, I’ll be discussing the Nuremberg Code and using the resources below to breakdown the 10 principles and seeing how the Nuremberg Code can be used today.


Uncertain Future | Danette Lane

Looking at the state and condition of today’s world. The question is, what will 2022 look like and what can we do to prepare moving forward? Also, I’ll be explaining what The Light of Deception Ministry offers on the site and providing resources moving forward.


Planned Deception | Danette Lane

Deception is the key that unlocks strong delusions. What in the world is going on? How is it that mankind is so easily swayed into darkness?


The Heart of the Matter | Danette Lane

What is the true heart of the matter? Looking at a difficult situation in a new way.  


Satan Never Takes A Day Off | Danette Lane

In a crazy and chaotic world, Jesus is still on the throne.   

This video discusses the importance of knowing the enemies schemes in order to resist him and he will flee from you.  


Part 2 The Roots of Deception Presentation with Penni and Dena

Here’s part 2 of Penni and my presentation at Calvary Old Path in Cypress. 

You don’t want to miss this informative and impactful discussion.  

Part 2-How the Enemy Uses TV, Movies, Books, Music, Ceremonies and the Internet to Deceive  


Part 1 The Roots of Deception Presentation with Penni and Dena

Here’s part 1 of Penni and my presentation at Calvary Old Path in Cypress. 

You don’t want to miss this informative and impactful discussion.  

Part 1- Penni and I talk about our backgrounds in deceptive practices and false religious  


The Roots of Deception-Knowing the Enemy’s Schemes | Upcoming Event Introduction

Here’s the introduction to a 2 hour event at Calvary Old Path in Cypress CA. It’s on Saturday, October 23, 2021 from 10AM to noon in room 7 and 8. You don’t want to miss this informative discussion with Penni and I.

This discussion will be recorded and uploaded to this channel shortly after event.


Evil Plans For World Dictatorship | Danette Lane APOV-Episode 18

Today, I breakdown the concept and meaning of dictatorship. Also, I relate it to the times and seasons we’re living in today.


From Beginning to End | Danette Lane

Today, I’ll be starting at Genesis 3 and talking about “The Temptation and Fall of Man” 

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New Age Church Deception To The Soberminded Truth-This Is My Story | Danette Lane

This is my story, from deception to the soberminded truth.  

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Trust the Science or the Creator of the Universe | Danette Lane

Here, I discuss the ongoing push to trust the science.     

Resources Used  Answers In Genesis  https://answersingenesis.org/what-is-science/Jay Seegert - Must Christianity Bow to "Settled Science"? https://youtu.be/iT1H5mA92wE 


Fear-Worry-Anxiety & Lies Leading to Irrational Decisions | Danette Lane

We are in the crossroads of making defining decisions.  Will we be following the path of least resistance or choosing the difficult way?   Many are giving into fear, worry and anxiety, which can lead to irrational decisions with devastating results. 

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The Lies Leading To Despair And Dangerous Decisions | Danette Lane

Today, I’m taking a look at the condition of today’s world and discussing the choices made during despairing times.

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Beware of the Devils Schemes

This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available.

Here, I address the need to be aware of the devil’s schemes.  Asking the pressing question, what in the world is he up to globally and what does the Bible teach us about the time and the seasons we’re living in?

#thelightofdeception #beware #danettelane 


3D’s Deceptive-Deceitful-Delusions Done Deliberately

The Many Forms of Deception  

Here’s a quick, but impactful warning about staying clear of deceptive practices and deceitful people.  I guess this could’ve been called the 5D’s, but 3D’s it is.   

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Introduction to the New DECEIVED Podcast