Keeping An Eye On The Times

Sep. 15, 2021

Today, I’ll be starting at Genesis 3 and talking about “The Temptation and Fall of Man”

Sep. 1, 2021

I’m taking a look at the condition of today’s world and discussing choices make during despairing times.

Sep. 1, 2021

We are in the crossroads of making defining decisions. Will we following the path of less resistance or choice the difficult way?
Many are giving into fear, worry and anxiety, which can lead to irrational decisions and devastating results.

Aug. 23, 2021

The Many Forms of Deception Described Using Biblical References

From the Garden of Eden to the deception we see today

Aug. 21, 2021

The Many Forms of Deception
Here’s a quick, but impactful warning about staying clear of deceptive practices and deceitful people.

I guess this could’ve been called the 5D’s, but 3D’s it is.