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Guest: Dr. Charles Clough. Topic: Global Warming progressives are targeting evangelical college students and are using one of the ten steps for systemic brainwashing to re-educate these young students. Dr. Charles Clough is an MIT graduate and meteorologist for nearly 50 years. Today Dr. Clough refutes the lies being told to these young people. Topic: This new study reveals that young people are likely to support the myth of man-made global warming when the guest speaker is given credibility by their Christian college or university or church leaders. Topic: We take your calls.

Communist Social Credit Score is in America

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Persecution of Christians is on a dramatic rise around the world. What should the Church do in preparation of this difficult reality? John delivered this important address at the Worldview Weekend conference in Branson, Missouri as an update to his previous presentation titled: ‘The Coming Persecution of Christians in the West‘.

Gain insight into the worldview war raging around us and become equipped to withstand the onslaught. There is hope for the ones who prepare for the times ahead; don’t be caught defenseless.

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Agenda 2030 Brannon Howse

Guest: Tom DeWeese. Topic: The things Brannon and Tom reported in the early 1990s and predicted were coming to America got them mocked but now these trends are openly promoted by socialists and globalists. Topic: What is Agenda 21 that is now called Agenda 2030? Topic: Cities are now looking to take away single family homes and build what Brannon calls globalist ghettos. Topic: As we were coming on the air live, Tom was made aware of some of the details in New York’s new green deal. Hear what is about to become the national template for stealing your private property and enslaving you to the socialists in the democrat party if Americans don’t wake up. Topic: We take lots of your calls. 
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This is so true & well said.  It’s becoming more obvious by the day


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Funding of Acton Institute Programs

Templeton funding for The Gospel Coalition

In Latin America

Children’s Catechism for TGC

Templeton Foundation is also focusing it funding on Economics and in particular an modern view of the work of Austrian School and Hayek .