Truth or Lies

2019 March Conference for the 2030 Agenda

Do faith communities come together to heal our world?

2030 Agenda's Agents of Change

Coincidence or not?

Social Change Agent Training

God's way or man's way?

Change Agent

A badge for being a social change agent.

Sounds good, is it?

Social Change Agents

Social Change Agents or part of Agenda 2030?

Agenda 2030

Welcome to world globalism.

Should the church join the global team?

Christians For Socialism

Here's an interesting mix of ideologies.  

Is socialism even a thought for Christians?

The Social Gospel

What does the social gospel really mean?

Social Gospel, Social Justice, Socialism

Is the world being deceived?

Global Transformation Day

Is this Biblcal or world transformation?

Social Justice

Is social justice part of the gospel?

Eco System for the Common Good

Does the Eco system play a big part in global governance?

World Religions Join Hands

Does mankind come to together to heal our world and usher in the Kingdom of God or the kingdom of this world?

The UN Agenda 21 Goals

How does the church fit in?

Agenda 2030

Should the church be involved with Sustainable Development or the World Agendas?

Corruption & Dictatorship (Be Aware or Live Under Communism)