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Feb. 29, 2020


Just found your website. Thank you for the time you put into it and sharing it with others.

Website Jan. 18, 2020

Danette Lane

Thanks for your kind, thoughtful & encouraging words Anthony.

You are right, it’s a labor of the love for the truth & 7 years of research into church & world deception.

My hopes & prayers are that many find the resources helpful & eye opening.

Thanks for the work you do as well Anthony.

It’s nice to know we’re not alone.

Sep. 22, 2019

Anthony Ricci

Just a quick note to say HELLO and that it was refreshing to know that we are not alone. I've spent countless hours weeding through tons of "Tinfoil hat ", materials seeking truth. Every once in a while managing to scrape a nugget here or a gem there was
becoming tedious. Thanks for the obvious hard work and effort it must have taken to develop this site. I've only just began delving into the treasure trove of pertinent information provided here so I'll leave this on that note. I'm looking forward to meeting
and future dialogue with everyone involved. I don't have to tell you how lonely the narrow path that so few find can be.


Website Jul. 27, 2019

The Light of Deception

Hi Cliff,

What a gracious offer. I’d love some help clearing up some of the text quality on the more contrasting backgrounds I chose.

The page I’d like to work on first is, “The Free Gift” and clear up “The Romans Road” scriptures. Although, I like the rustic background, the text does get lost in the background.

I’ll drop you an email.

Thanks again for your time & offer.

Website Jul. 27, 2019

Cliff Matthews

Blessing's from a right-divider up here in Canada! Love your site but.. it makes it really hard for visitor's to read text placed on top of high contrast backgrounds. If you can, soften the contrast on the layers below the text? I would be happy to do
this for you, only you must send me the text first, since it would big-time labour to type it out (I guess there's a limit to every charitable effort..)

Website Jun. 25, 2019

The Light of Deception

Here’s a place to share your personal deception story and/or offer warnings about deception you see coming into today’s churches.

Website Dec. 11, 2018

The Light Of Deception

This image from "Lighthouse Trails" says it all.

Website Dec. 3, 2018

The Light of Deception

As a reminder, not one person presented on this site is perfect or infallible. Please check all material presented on this site against the Word of God (The Bible) to make sure all claims and teachings line up with His Word. He (God) is the final authority
and not man.

Oct. 27, 2017

'rescued again'

I just want to praise God for rescuing me out of two years of deception including Joel's army teaching and writing down 'words', I have spent the last few days in tears but praise him for somehow opening my eyes to see especially re the idea of new age
mysticism and extra biblical practices and 'new truths'...I have repented and thrown my notes away, praise God for his faithfulness

Website Aug. 22, 2017

Ed Lane

I just read your excellent article "Falling Into Deception." My wife was pulled into much of that and most of my best friends are in Bethelized churches. It is such a brilliant intermingling of light and darkness. Only the word of God can pierce it.

I used to be a huge NIV and NKJV reader. I was saved via the NKJV but I have recently come to discover serious issues with it. It deletes the words repentance 44 times and the blood 23 times. Repentance and the blood of Jesus Christ are what save us so...why
remove it? My wife spent a great deal of time studying the Bible version issue after coming out of the contemplative movement. She read 6 translations straight through and just felt in her spirit, with no outside input, that something seemed very right about
the KJV even though she had never spent anytime reading it before. I was upset and thought it was ridiculous. My NIV 84 had been my 25 year bestie...but as an attorney, my curiousity was peaked. So, we both dug in deep and what I found:

Thanks again for a great article.

Apr. 11, 2017

Chris Quintana

It seems everywhere we look people are drawn to "experience" in the church. From old line denominations practicing the mysticism of the middle ages, or the NAR types calling down heaven with alleged supernatural "signs and wonders."

These camps are quite different, with some crossover, but what is evident is the church is looking for experience and it is available for those persons looking for it. The question is how do we determine the validity? How did these people arrive at their experience?
What informed their observations and conclusions? We walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7) or any other sensory way for that matter.

In either camp deception is easy to achieve, since most people won't look to the authority of scripture to validate the experience. (exegesis) Instead they have a premise and find passages which agree with their view. (eisegesis) Add to that, the experience
is the end all of the event, so if it feels genuine, then it's genuine.

The Word of God is sure, the experience therefore is subject God's Word.

Apr. 11, 2017

Chris Quintana

Pastoring is an exhilarating and terrifying call. It isn't something to be considered lightly, as far too many have done. Many people hold the position, but not the calling, thus a "church" worldwide that is a far cry from what it was originally. I do
believe that God speaks today, as He has in the past. Nothing in Scripture tells me that some gifting’s ceased, as some teach, while others remain. Peter said at Pentecost that what Joel spoke of was taking place in their midst. As he quoted Joel 2 he quoted
that the work of The Spirit continues to The Day of The Lord. That said, the abuse in the church is breathtaking and when the Bethel types are demonstrably wrong, they will not receive correction by The Word, because they feel their office and mandate is greater.
So, while I believe God speaks, I don't think it is actually Him speaking all that often when people claim He is. How do we know? Take their claims against The Word of God. Sometimes, time will tell, while other times it is evident the moment they open their
mouths. Is God The God of the supernatural? You bet, I am proof! I have been Born Again and that is miraculous in ways we don't fully grasp. He reveals Himself through The Word, which is also miraculous. Does He give insight? Sure, and it will never be contradictory,
nor will it fail. All this to say, if we say, "Thus says The Lord" we better be sure, and it better be demonstrably verified, but actual events, and God's Word.

Website Apr. 11, 2017

The Light Of Deception

Hi TruthandHealing,

Thanks for visiting

I appreciate your honesty and truly understand where you are coming from. Your questions and concerns are well founded. Believe me when I say, "four years ago, I would've addressed someone like me the same way". Unfortunately, the power and the spirit I was
getting in contact with wasn't who I thought I'd finally reached. I really felt like I'd arrived at a heightened understanding of truth, but all the while I was in the clouds and deception is what I found at the end of those days.

If you visit the website guestbook again, you will find some other feedback to your comments.

Thanks again for your honesty

Apr. 9, 2017


So you don't believe Christianity should ever be experiential? You think that anything outside the confinement of a Bible verse is wrong? What did the disciples do when God's Word wasn't physically accessible? Didn't they receive guidance by the Holy Spirit
directly? You don't think that can happen anymore? Why? What has changed? You don't believe God can show up and minister healing by His presence alone? What has changed since Jesus walked this earth? Doesn't the Bible say we'd do greater works than Him; and
He sent us the Holy Spirit for that purpose? Shouldn't we have the same nature of power, love and understanding of God's heart as He did? I'm trying to understand the confinement of your truths because you make accusations about other beliefs and seem more
set on defining what you disbelief than what power and treasure we receive in the Holy Spirit. You are quick to judge others being wrong, but what are your guiding truths? Please clarify. Do you ever feel God's presence, or is that all fleshly to you? What
is acceptable for a relationship with God? Just reading the Bible? Church? Devotionals that are approved? What, just what, if you are in the fact the one that is deceived? Judging something that scared you, but of which you lack knowledge to judge? Are you
that high above the people you are judging? I found your site and approach to be filled with error. It lacks intimacy and revelation. A God vacant of power and restricted to legalistic boundaries.

Jan. 23, 2017

Mr Ed

Dena, very well laid out presentation and summary of your experiences. One can only imagine how many people are also trapped in anweb of deception. I've bookmarked your page to hopefully share with others. Thank you!

Jan. 17, 2017


Loved reading, great information been in with my church since receiving Christ, Thanks for sharing whats around us, very true according to what scriptures say but it's sad to to see the church move this direction.

Aug. 30, 2016


Very informative. So many people are being deceived. It is so terribly sad. Just because a church may be popular with huge attendance does not mean that it is biblically sound.