May. 3, 2017

Does anyone know why someone would use 15 different versions of the Bible to write a single yearly devotional? 

On some pages, 4 different versions are used to convey a single message.

I would say, out of the 15 versions of the Bible being used, maybe 5 versions could be considered steadfast or a good to fair translation.

Then there's a couple paraphrases including "The Message" Bible.

What are we to do with this confusion and deception?



Apr. 29, 2017

This is my response to someone's harsh comments about a fellow believer that seems to have fallen into strange doctrine.

Although, I agree with many of your findings, it’s hard to read.  In my life, I’ve realized that none of us have everything figured out and within each of us is error.

As I have led people into error based on my own fallen condition, I have a heart of compassion for those that have found themselves in the same place.

As I know God has and can forgive me, I know His forgiveness caring’s on to the many still in deception.  Although, I also know that time will lapse at some point.

They’re many wolves in sheep’s clothing, but some fallen sheep among them.

Would you please come alongside me in prayer for these people and not loose heart for the lost, even the lost among those professing warnings to the flock?  They don’t have it all figured out either.

None of us do.

That fact that God could use any of us in our fallen condition amazes me.

What’s truly sad, is the fact that many will not heed the warnings, I can’t even imagine their eternity separate from God.

God help them and us as well to stay the course.


Apr. 22, 2017

As I've been taking this message across social media.  I've learned pretty quickly that people proclaiming to be Christians are not always nice.  Some stay within clicks professing to have everything figured out and lambast those who see things differently then them.  Others slam people with concerns and warnings to the flock.  It's all pretty hateful and sad.

My warning here would be.  Not one of us has it all figured out, not one of us is without error and we all have something more to learn or grow from.  Yes, take everyone's concerns and findings to the Word of God, but be kind and gentle.  What do we have if not love for fellow believers that are lost or steadfast.

If we can't be kind to each other.  How can we reach the lost with God's written Word and have compassion for others if we have so little for each other?

Mar. 19, 2017

As I think back and ponder about the wonderful people I came to know at the "Mega Church" I attended.  I recall some conversations I had with a few women right before and a little after I left the church. 

The conversations kind of went like this.  As you're looking for a new church to attend, have your children choose it for you.  If they're happy, then you should be happy as well.

What?  Now are children choose the church we attend.  What in the world is going on.

If you give your child a choose between cotton candy and broccoli, chances are they’re going to choose cotton candy “right”?

So, if they make your choice of a church to attend, chances are they’re going to choose the fluffy bunny church and not the bible teaching church we all need.

God gave us the responsibly of teaching are children the way they should go and not the opposite.



Mar. 1, 2017

Just thinking about how I got so caught up in "Contemplative Prayer" and trying to understand the draw.  What comes to mind is the desperate need to draw near to God, but missing the mark of using the bible as the standard for all truths and staying sober minded.

In a sense, it’s like wanting an intimate and powerful relationship with the creator of the universe, but on your own terms and not the terms outlined so clearly in His Words.