Apr. 29, 2017

Feedback in times where we forget our own error

This is my response to someone's harsh comments about a fellow believer that seems to have fallen into strange doctrine.

Although, I agree with many of your findings, it’s hard to read.  In my life, I’ve realized that none of us have everything figured out and within each of us is error.

As I have led people into error based on my own fallen condition, I have a heart of compassion for those that have found themselves in the same place.

As I know God has and can forgive me, I know His forgiveness caring’s on to the many still in deception.  Although, I also know that time will lapse at some point.

They’re many wolves in sheep’s clothing, but some fallen sheep among them.

Would you please come alongside me in prayer for these people and not loose heart for the lost, even the lost among those professing warnings to the flock?  They don’t have it all figured out either.

None of us do.

That fact that God could use any of us in our fallen condition amazes me.

What’s truly sad, is the fact that many will not heed the warnings, I can’t even imagine their eternity separate from God.

God help them and us as well to stay the course.