Apr. 22, 2017

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As I've been taking this message across social media.  I've learned pretty quickly that people proclaiming to be Christians are not always nice.  Some stay within clicks professing to have everything figured out and lambast those who see things differently then them.  Others slam people with concerns and warnings to the flock.  It's all pretty hateful and sad.

My warning here would be.  Not one of us has it all figured out, not one of us is without error and we all have something more to learn or grow from.  Yes, take everyone's concerns and findings to the Word of God, but be kind and gentle.  What do we have if not love for fellow believers that are lost or steadfast.

If we can't be kind to each other.  How can we reach the lost with God's written Word and have compassion for others if we have so little for each other?