Mar. 19, 2017

Cotton Candy or Broccoli?

As I think back and ponder about the wonderful people I came to know at the "Mega Church" I attended.  I recall some conversations I had with a few women right before and a little after I left the church. 

The conversations kind of went like this.  As you're looking for a new church to attend, have your children choose it for you.  If they're happy, then you should be happy as well.

What?  Now are children choose the church we attend.  What in the world is going on.

If you give your child a choose between cotton candy and broccoli, chances are they’re going to choose cotton candy “right”?

So, if they make your choice of a church to attend, chances are they’re going to choose the fluffy bunny church and not the bible teaching church we all need.

God gave us the responsibly of teaching are children the way they should go and not the opposite.