Oct. 10, 2016

Movements within the churches

Today I've had the chance to review some information about different church movements going on in the world.  Wow! there's a lot going on with church planting, missionary work, building disciples, bringing back spiritual gifts, igniting the church, ushering in the kingdom of God, kingdom builder, community outreach, city of one, unity, universal church etc.   

What?  How about moving towards the bible, teaching sound doctrine, being steadfast, sober-mindedness etc.    

Is the world upside down and backwards right now?  It's simple, stay in the word of God "period".  God is capable and His word is all sufficient.  No need for a movement, just a moving towards the word of God.    

Stay out of the doctrine of men, the movements of men, the deception of men and stay grounded "out of the clouds" and back down to earth.  Yes, set your eyes on the things above, but stay out of the delusion that comes with thinking you arrived at a heightened understanding of truth.  You'll arrive when your face to face with God.  

Until then, preach the word, teach the word, study the word, share the word "period".