Oct. 7, 2016

Warnings and signs of the times

As I sit back and think about the times we live in and ponder about the state and condition of the world we call home, I'm puzzled at the unawareness many seem to have about such things.  It's like the greatest delusion of all times is taking place, but many fall right into its grip and don't even know it.  Maybe they just can't see through the smoke screen of lies and fall for what feels and looks good, but the root behind such a screen is the ultimate deception. 

The enemy of lies brings forth the same cunning craftiness as he did in the "Garden of Eden".  Yes, it's packaged differently but has the same results "falling away from the truth" and falling into the lie. 

How do we prevent falling from the truth into the lie?  Stay steadfast in the word, look for the signs God warned about in the Bible and pray continually.